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What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader, also called AR,  is a district wide reading program that encourages students to become more proficient readers by setting a personal reading goal based on their individual skill level. AR gives students the opportunity to be responsible for meeting their goal and keep track of their own reading progress. This program is designed to improve comprehension and vocabulary.

Who participates in AR?

Students in 2nd-5th grades

How does it work?

In the AR Program, students set a personal AR goal with the help of their teachers. 

Teachers know a student’s lexile level from the MAP test and are able to reference this to access the student’s AR level. Students find a book on their level, read it carefully, and independently take a comprehension quiz on the computer. The computer keeps track of the points earned from taking the quiz. Each book is worth a set number of points based on the length and the reading level of the book. When students take a quiz, they earn points toward their goal. Students work toward their personal reading goal which is based on their own reading level. When a student reaches his/her AR reading goal AND meets the percent requirement for his/her grade level for each Marking Period, he/she is recognized and rewarded with an AR Reading Celebration.

AR books in the MES library are color coded on the spine of the book. The color indicates the level of the book. Color coded charts are visible in the library. When students know their level, they can access the chart and look for books with the color they need. All 2nd - 5th grade students are allowed to check out 2 books from the MES Library. Teachers require that 1 of those books be an AR book on the student’s level. The other one can be “free choice”.

When and where can students take an AR quiz?

Quizzes are available online at MES from 7:20am - 3:00pm, Monday - Friday. Quizzes can be taken in the classroom or in the MES library. Quizzes can only be taken at school during the school day.

How can I encourage my child to meet his/her AR goal?

You can remind your child to bring home his/her library books. Students can take AR quizzes over books they have read OR books that have been read to them, so taking the time to read with your child is a great way to ensure that they are reading every day and are prepared for AR quizzes.

Students must meet 2 Requirements to attend an AR Reading Celebration:

2nd graders: 

* Must earn their personal AR Point Goal AND have an 80% or higher average quiz score. 

3rd-5th graders:

*Must earn their personal AR Point Goal AND have an 85% or higher average quiz score.


2019-2020 Marking Periods:

1st Marking Period: September 16 - October  23

2nd Marking Period: October 24 - December 17

3rd Marking Period: December 18 - March 6

4th Marking Period: March 16 - May 8